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Meet Lana

The Face Behind The Brow Empire

Lana Tarek is the founder and director of Lana Tarek Eyebrow Specialists and the Browcademy by Lana Tarek. Lana launched her empire in 2014 and has since attracted people from all over the world wanting the LT touch. In 2016 Lana launched a product line that ranged from eyebrow cosmetics to professional microblading tools.

Travelling to Serbia Belgrade in 2017 to meet the founder of Phibrows, Branko and to attend the Phibrows masterclass, Lana learnt the skyway techniques in Microblading and cosmetic tattooing. Lana has taken the many years of experience and education that she has acquired and has created her very own academy, the Browcademy. Lana has taught over 60 students within the Browcademy and also in one-on-one private workshops. Students that Lana has taught have travelled near and far alike the customers that enter the brow boutique whom have travelled cities and countries away.

Lana has been able to inspire many women to achieve their goals and establish a business in the beauty industry which she is very proud of. Lana and her team of eyebrow specialists have completed many corrections and the aim of the Browcademy is to educate and teach the correct method of microblading so every pair of eyebrows are perfected with the first go.