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Feather Stroke

“Feathering” is a manual method that ensures perfect and natural looking eyebrows. Choosing this technique will give you control over the appearance of your brows, allowing a flawless and realistic looking result. Furthermore, feathering rules out any concern about mechanical errors; usual mistakes made while working with a machine. It is also known as the least painful technique, another reason to why it is in such demand.

Feathering – the new semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo trend has gained a lot of recognition and interest in the past year. This technique involves drawing each individual hair stroke onto the client’s eyebrows until the desired fullness and shape is achieved. An initial consultation to design the shape and a perfection appointment to touch up any fading is usually required to ensure colour lock in and lasting results.

The results are amazing, and so natural looking that it is very hard to notice if any sort of procedure has been done. With the use of the feather touch tattoo tool, our therapists are able to achieve the most feather-light, hairlike lines to mimic the client’s own brow hair.