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Brow Feathering

From barely there thin strands, to overgrown and untamed, and now to perfectly manicured and immaculately filled in, brows have seen a major overhaul in the past few years. Today, brows are highly regarded as the most important feature on the face.

While we grew up, our overplucked brows didn’t, so we’ve taken to the walls of product that line Sephora to help you achieve brow perfection, we’ve watched the hundreds of brow tutorials peppered through YouTube, and we’ve stared in awe at makeup artists that effortlessly brush and fill their brows in 30 second videos.

Brow Feathering

What is It?

Feathering is an upgraded, semi-permanent tattoo method, perfect for those who want to resurrect overplucked brows, fill in gaps, or create and construct a tamed brow. Using either a fine bladed tool (microblading) or a machine technique, the aim is to draw fine strokes that mirror the natural brow.

The pigment sits under the skin as we fill and shape your brows to achieve a seamless and natural finish. The ultimate end goal is to have perfectly sculpted and full brows through hair-like strokes in the form of an undetected tattoo.

See an example.



When you first sit down with your LT eyebrow specialist, we consult with you about your expectations and explain the process. We then give our suggestions as to what will suit your face and we pencil in the markers of where we will be feathering to give you an idea. We want to ensure you’re happy with the shape and the thickness before we commence!


Once the design is complete, your LT artist will match the pigment colour to your brow and commence with the procedure. The first session one and a half to two hours.


The next 7 days are crucial and aftercare is very important. As with any tattoo, the brows will scab and itch. We recommend tapping them, DO NOT SCRATCH! You will need to keep your brows clean and dry as they process, no steam and no super sweaty workouts.

When you book in for your LT Brow makeover, our team will also lock in a touch-up four to six weeks after your initial treatment. The touch-up allows us to deepen your feather strokes, building on the fine markings and locking the pigment into place.


You hear ‘tattoo’ and you think immediate PAIN. We totally understand that! Eyebrow feathering however is relatively painless as unlike a regular tattoo, feather tattoo pigment is superficial and does not sit deep in the skin. Every persons sensitivity is different of course and our clients have commented that they hear light scratching and some pressure. If you are concerned about your pain tolerance throughout the procedure, we recommend a numbing cream prior to your appointment.


The skin on your face heals a lot faster than the skin on your body. Due to cell regeneration, we recommend a touch up at 6 months for oily skin types and up to 12 months for normal to dry skin.

Once you up your brow game with our LT artists, you never look back. Waking up with smudgeproof, perfectly shaped, and expertly filled in brows? Totally worth it.


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