After Care Instructions

Congratulations, you have taken the leap into the wonderful world of cosmetic tattoos.


What to expect in the immediate future 

When first done, eyebrows will appear much darker in colour for the first few days after treatment, while the initial healing process takes place.

The total healing process takes between 4 to 6 weeks, at which time the true colour of the tattoo is evident. Colours will appear brighter and more sharply defined immediately after the treatment. Between 3 to 14 days they will soften and lighten. Be patient, even if you think too much colour has been lost. Wait 6 weeks to see the true colour, sit seems to take on a new strength, and it is only 6 weeks post initial treatment that your adjustment can be done.

We are unable to predict the longevity of colour retention in the skin. Every person’s skin responds differently to these treatments, and this information acts as a guideline only. However, it should be recommended that inmost cases these guidelines give successful results when followed thoroughly.


On the first day

A thin layer of aftercare has been applied over the treated are immediately after the treatment. On the first day of treatment, rinse the tattooed area every hour for the first day with our LT mild cream cleanser. Wash with warm water in order to prevent the wound from getting dirty and to avoid scab formation. Also, a fresh layer of aftercare needs to be applied after each rinsing. It is obligatory to wash brows 3 times a day from the second day onwards for a week. This cream is universal and can be used for all skin types, due to the bee wax and additional active components that regulate greasiness of the skin.

  • Do not swim in salt water or chlorine
  • Do not soak in a bath
  • Do not exercise for 14 days (excessive sweating)
  • Do not apply makeup to affected area
  • Do not scratch or rub
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight


Immediately after treatment

The tattoo will weep a clear fluid (this is normal) for the next 24 hours. Wipe them with a gentle but firm press to remove the fluid. If it is not removed a crust or scab will build up.

Swelling is minimal with most clients, and would have disappeared within 24 hours. In some cases it may last around the eye area for 3 days, but will not prevent working or socialising.

You will experience a slight tight feeling over and around the tattooed area and can feel a little tender. A slight crusting may form, and between 3 – 14 days flaking off will take some colour with it.

Once healed, the result will, in most cases resemble a softly drawn pencil (depending on colour selected). The longevity of lighter colours chosen for cosmetic tattoos is substantially less than stronger darker pigments. In these colours a retouch of colour may be required more frequently, approximately every 6-12 months depending on individual.


Protecting your feather stroke tattoo 

Exposure to the sun, salt chlorine and chemicals. Exposure to the sun over time can cause fading and colour change. Wear a sunblock, or products containing UVA/UVB blocks, and wear sunglasses to protect your brows.

Salt ot chlorinated water can cause a bleaching effect. It is recommended the tattoo be covered with pawpaw.  Chemicals of any kind could interfere with the healing and the colour.

Glycol Acid and face peel products must be kept completely away from the tattoo as continued use could lighten the colours.